Get ready for the ultimate snowboarding adventure!

Snow Spin is the brand new game from the Edis Brothers Jamie and Simon - the Indie Australian team that has brought you hit games like Crazy Snowboard, Diversion and Team Awesome!!

After years collecting artifacts from the most remote corners of the globe our daring explorer is finally heading home. His trusty airplane is loaded to the brim with priceless treasures destined for his museum. Taking a short-cut over the arctic turns out to be a bad decision when his plane starts to fall apart, scattering his possessions and forcing him to crash land on a mysterious snowy island.

Armed only with his trusty snowboard he’ll need to explore the island to recover the missing items and broken parts of his plane. Will he be able to make the necessary repairs and escape? Along the way he’ll meet a cast of crazy characters, make some new friends, go on quests and maybe even find a wooly mammoth or two!


What are you waiting for? Give it a spin!

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Out Now on iOS and Android Phones and Tablets - Free!!

If you are interested in doing a game review, here's all the info and assets you need: Presskit